The site is aimed at peace seekers and nature lovers. You will not have to deal with most provisions and others are in principle self-evident and logical. If necessary, we hope that our rules of play will help to provide clarity and thus contribute to a pleasant, relaxing and carefree stay.

Camping: We want to offer our guests privacy and tranquility and therefore rent out a maximum of 12 special camping pitches per night. Due to this limited range of unique places, advance reservation is always necessary.

Peace and quiet: The camper and any visitors are expected to camp peacefully and respect nature. If guests cause too much nuisance, we consider ourselves entitled to ask guests to leave the site. An alternative camping pitch at one of the surrounding campsites is always offered.

Groups Families/Friends: In order to realize a pleasant stay, we apply clear rules so that peace and quiet are guaranteed. For this reason, we do not rent out places to groups of family/friends of 4 or more people. Even/even if everyone has their own camping equipment/camping place, it is not possible to stay together on this site.

14+: A minimum age of 14 applies for campers on this site. Young people aged 14 to 21 must always be accompanied by a parent/guardian (+21) and must of course adhere to the rules so that silence and peace are guaranteed.

Stay: The maximum consecutive stay at our natural camping site is 28 nights. Camping equipment may not be left uninhabited overnight. You always camp on our site at your own risk.

Owner: The site is privately owned and the owner is in principle present on the site daily from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Questions about your stay are best asked by email or via whats app 06 21 31 65 66.

Visitors: Visitors (from 14+ and max. 2 per place)  are allowed between 10.00 and 20.00, provided that prior notification has been made to the administrator.

Dogs: Dogs are only allowed to a limited extent, permission from the manager is always required (please indicate when booking). Dogs are not allowed to run loose and not be let out on the camping site. If the animal does its business at the campsite, the owner of the animal must clear it up himself. Dogs are not allowed to dig or cause a nuisance to other users of the campsite. It is also not allowed to leave dogs alone in the car, caravan or tent. If dogs bark too much and cause nuisance, we see ourselves entitled to ask guests to leave the site.

Grounds: The trees and shrubs on the grounds are our most precious asset. To prevent damage, it is therefore not allowed to attach washing and/or guy lines to trees or shrubs, this also applies to hammocks. Climbing trees and building (tree) huts in the forest is also not allowed. Furthermore, it is forbidden to pour polluted water on the ground, the camper is obliged to deposit the used water in the appropriate facility.

Sanitary:  You can charge your telephone and batteries (at your own risk) in the appropriate cupboards at the toilet block. The toilets and showers are cleaned daily, you are requested to leave the toilets, washbasins and washbasins clean after use.

Waste: There are three containers (glass, paper, residual waste) in front of the site in which you can dispose of your waste. Residual waste must be presented in a plastic bag. Please do not put large waste (broken garden chairs, boots, etc.) in the container but take it home with you!

Fire: The camper must be extremely careful with fire, matches, smoking materials, etc., campfires have been banned by the municipality for a number of years. A barbeque is only allowed after consultation and always under supervision. Do not leave a stove/bbq until it has burned out or extinguished. In case of fire, we ask you to immediately warn the manager. Fire extinguishers and first aid kit are available to everyone (toilet block).

Cars: On arrival and departure you can park the car at your camping pitch for “loading and unloading”, after unpacking, please put it in the parking lot. The nature reserve has its own car park after entering the 1st path on the left. A speed limit of max. 10 km per hour applies within the boundaries of the camping site. Any visitors should also park their car in the parking lot.

Camper Van: We apply the rule that camper vans are used as if it were a caravan. Driving back and forth across the camping field is thus limited (maximum 1x there and 1x back) which is necessary to guarantee peace, quiet and safety on the site. We have 2 places that are suitable for camper vans.

Campers: The real Campers are usually too long, too high and too heavy for the terrain, they are NOT allowed.

Safety: The camper is responsible for his own property. The manager/owner cannot be held liable for theft or damage to the camper’s property. If there are suspicious persons on the site, we ask you to report this immediately to the administrator. The manager is responsible for the good order of the campsite and has the duty to intervene in the event of serious violations of the regulations and, if necessary, to remove disturbers of the peace.

Liability: The manager/owner does not accept any liability for the consequences of personal injury or material damage, arising during the stay on the site. In case of violation of one of the above-mentioned rules, the manager/owner has the right to deny you further access to the site. The manager/owner always remains entitled to the site and decides in situations not provided for in the regulations.