Privacy policy

Kampeeerplaats “Gans”

De Slangenborg receives limited personal data from camping guests, namely: name, first name, address, postal code, place of residence, telephone number, dates of birth and e-mail address. The manner of receipt can be by e-mail, telephone or verbally.

We use the aforementioned data in our booking program and for invoices. Camping guests always receive a copy of the booking and invoice.

By law, we are obliged to keep the personal data stated on the invoices for at least 7 years, since the tax authorities impose a retention obligation on us. The deletion of personal data that we have to keep for the tax authorities is therefore only possible after 7 years, if camping guests submit a request to us to do so.

If camping guests provide us with personal data by e-mail or in any other way, they are deemed to have given us permission for storage and processing.

If trackers or hackers remove personal data from our website or our computer, this is not wanted by us. We will then report the theft of personal data to the police. To prevent data theft, we have provided our website with a lock and use an anti-spam filter.

With regard to photos, we can report that when camping guests themselves publish photos of the campsite and or of themselves on the internet via, among others. Facebook or via Google or to us for publication gives permission to publish it.