Rules Wi-fi

De Slangenborg makes every effort to make a wireless guest network available to you and does not, however, make any guarantees for the correct functioning and/or availability of the wireless guest network, nor does it accept any liability with regard to the functioning and/or availability of the wireless guest network.

De Slangenborg/manager/owner is not liable for any damage or costs that you incur by using the wireless guest network. You use the wireless guest network entirely at your own risk.

You are responsible for the configuration of your own equipment. Employees of the Slangenborg  cannot assist you with setting up, programming or configuring your wireless internet connection.

You must adhere to the netiquette when using the wireless guest network. This includes, among other things, that you are not allowed to send messages, either directly or indirectly, to other users or groups of users or to visit websites with discriminatory, inflammatory, offensive or threatening content.

In addition, you must refrain from hacking, downloading, copying or otherwise distributing programs, music, films or other material that infringes intellectual property rights, legal regulations and/or provisions. You indemnify the Slangenborg/administrator/owner  against claims from third parties arising from failure to comply with these obligations.

The wireless guest network is an “open network”. This means that data you send and receive over the wireless network can be intercepted by other people. De Slangenborg advises not to use the wireless guest network to send or receive confidential data and to protect your device (disable file-sharing, install virus scanner, install/enable firewall, have security updates installed automatically).

De Slangenborg  is entitled to deny specific persons access to the wireless guest network without prior notice.

De Slangenborg  has the right to deactivate the wireless network at any time, to perform maintenance and to distribute the simultaneous use.